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Translation Process

Whatever kind of document you need translated, our translation agency offers accurate and professional translations in any language, and has access to an extensive network of qualified professional translators.

Quality is very important to us, that is why we work exclusively with specialist translators who only translate into their own native language. As well as their own specialist knowledge, our qualified translators also have access to glossaries and specialized dictionaries to achieve the highest possible level of accuracy – a rigorous editing process goes into this. You can rely on the translations being easy to understand for the relevant target group, whether they have expert technical knowledge or not, however complicated the technical jargon is. Our agency’s expert staff is proud to be able to deliver the best possible translation quickly and accurately in all languages and deadlines.

How it works


You place your order by filling in the quotation request or by sending us an email with your document(s).


The projectmanager in charge of your trans- lation project first anal- yses your document and then selects the most suitable qualified translator.


Your document will be translated by a qual- ified native speaking translator.


The projectmanager re- views the translation and ensures that the correct technical term- inology is employed consistently through- out your translation.


On-time delivery of your translation.