Translation fields at a glance!

Literary Translation

The translation of literary works is important for the exchange of ideas in language and culture. An accurate literary translation entails being able to convey the original intention and sensibility of the author.

Literary translations require not only a full command of many aspects of a language (e.g. grammar, syntax) but also a flair for creative writing. Our literary translators have a flair for creative work and spare no effort to ensure your translation is perfectly suited to your target audience.

Tourism Translation Services

Our translation agency provides professional translation services for all travel and leisure companies, and wants to ensure that you reach any audience worldwide. We provide tourism translation services, travel translation services, tourism localization services, as well as tourism content creation from brochures and travel websites to guidebooks and hotel directories.

Hotels, restaurants, travel agencies and amusement parks – they all want to welcome visitors from all over the world and make their stay a memorable one. In order to achieve this goal it is crucial to provide your customers with information in their native language.

Our translation agency offers multilingual solutions for brochures, guides, leaflets, facilities, menus, websites, and much more. We only work with native-speaking translators who have expertise in the tourism and leisure industry and are familiar with the targeted local market. Our linguists have a flair for creative work and spare no effort to ensure your translation is perfectly suited to your target audience.

Scientific Translation

Translations of scientific journals, research projects or scientific conferences - our translation agency provides accurate scientific translations in all languages and deadlines worldwide.

Thanks to the globalization of the pharmaceutical, health, and food manufacturing industries, the demand for translation services for medical equipment research, veterinary medicines, agricultural chemicals, and medicines for human beings continues to grow.

Financial Translation

Globalization is still progressing rapidly, which means that companies are increasingly under pressure to provide financial information in numerous languages. Our translation agency offers financial and business translations for leading companies, financial institutions, and consulting companies all over the world.

The terminology of the banking and finance sector is very complicated and requires an essential understanding of the field. The finance and language experts in our international network ensure compliance with the strict financial guidelines and regulations, which differ from country to country. This often affects the formatting, numbering, and terminology in documents.

Whether it is a matter of banking, investment, or insurance, our project managers will select a professional translator with the required specific specialist knowledge for your project.

Legal Translation

A legal translation such as the translation of a contract, legal notice, judgment, or statute, needs to be translated by a professional specialist translator who both has an expertise in legal fields as well as excellent terminology skills.

Knowledge of the legal terminology in both the source language and the target language, combined with an extensive knowledge of the legal systems in both countries, is important for accurately translating legal documents.

Whatever kind of legal document you need translated, our translation agency has access to an extensive worldwide network of specialist translators from a wide range of legal fields. Our legal translators usually already have experience in different legal fields to ensure accurate legal translation services to our customers.