Strategic Approach to Content Marketing

Multilingual Content Solutions offers original and unique content creation, content strategy, content management, localization services, and multimedia publishing worldwide and across platforms. Our international network of freelancers include specialists in SEO and SEM, storytelling as well as journalists and bloggers to create and manage relevant content, adapted to the inherent communication requirements of the countries chosen by our clients in their desire for international expansion. After an initial audit of your resources, our specialists in SEO and SEM will rationalize your content assets and create suitable solutions to increase your presence among all communication channels worldwide.

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Content Strategy & Marketing

The Zero Moment of Truth has completely changed the entire digital marketing landscape. Today, your content is the source of your reputation, thus you need a solid and efficient content strategy to interact and ensure qualified online presence.

Multiculturalism & Localization

Localization means adapting your media to the target culture and language. Unlike translations localization is more and technical and requires additional changes to the layout of the user interfaces to ensure your media is perfectly suited to your target audience.

Content Creation & Management

Efficient content has to be accessible by your potential clients. Our services allow you to speak with one voice across all your communication platforms (print, web, mobile, social networks, etc.) worldwide, thus make your speech more relevant and intelligible.