Localization Services

Localization, unlike translation which is more strict and technical, implicates some spatiotemporal considerations due to each country’s specifications of communication. Therefore, it’s far better to rewrite than translate the original content regarding communication purposes. Our translation agency entrusts its localization needs to editors who are native speakers of the targeted markets.

Website Localization

For a lot of companies, a high-quality website is a key aspect of their business – it’s how they present themselves to the world. In order to really reach and appeal to a target market in a country, localization is the key to conveying all aspects of a website to the audience. Often, it is not enough to simply translate the content of a website – you have to localize the website, adapt it to the target culture and language. This means that some website translations may require additional changes to the layout of the website and/or the design of the user interface, especially if they have been translated from or into a non-Western language that is read from top to bottom rather than from left to right. This is why our experts ensure that information and codes (date, time, punctuation, colours, text direction) on your website are adapted to the relevant target language and target culture. Our goal is successfully placing your company website on the international market. As soon as the text of your website has been translated, our project managers will assign the project to the necessary experts to adapt the content appropriately, from the design, layout, colours, and images to the encoding of the content and the content management systems.