Interpreting Services

Thanks to globalisation and the continued growth of multiculturalism, interpreting services are becoming increasingly important to overcome language barriers. If you need language services during your business negotiations or conferences, our translation agency can offer the right interpreting service for your requirements.

Our translation agency offers optimized solutions to our customers by considering the type and theme of the event, the number of participants and the required languages. Whether you need interpreting services during negotiations, meetings, international conferences, or symposia, our qualified linguists can interpret in one or two languages of your choice.

Our Team of Interpreters

Our translation agency works exclusively with specialist native-speaking interpreters to execute your interpreting services.
For your project we carefully select the most suitable interpreter, who has the right expertise to deliver you the best possible interpreting service accurately in all languages and deadlines.

Prior to the event our interpreters do extensive preparatory work to be fully prepared. Most of all they familiarize themselves with the technical terminology to ensure a smooth and successful communication during your event. We provide our interpreting services worldwide. Whether you are in China, Russia, or Brazil, our agency will find the most suitable interpreter for your project.

Our most requested interpreting services

Conference Interpreter

In today’s globalized world international conferences and business meetings are becoming increasingly important. We provide you with the right interpreting service during your conferences, meetings, and events. For your conference we carefully select the most suitable interpreter with specific skills.

Court Interpreter

The assistance of a court interpreter during legal processes is indispensable. Therefore we provide you with professional court interpreters who have extensive experience in the relevant specialist area. In addition, our court interpreters are familiar with court proceedings.

Face to Face Interpreter

Face to face interpreting, also referred to as liaison or ad-hoc interpreting is usually required for business meetings, legal situations, meetings, as well as group discussions. It is rather effective within small groups because the interpreter translates a few sentences, while the speaker pauses.

Further Interpreting Services