Our Multilingual Desktop Publishing Service

Desktop publishing refers to the process of using a computer to create documents such as newsletters, brochures, books, and other publications. Many translations require reformatting in order to meet the standards of the target language. This process can involve localization of graphics, layout, and typography.

Typographical features vary according to the language with regard to upper- and lower case, punctuation, spaces before question and exclamation marks, hyphenation, etc.
Our multilingual desktop publishing service ensures that elements such as graphics, layout, and typography are seamlessly integrated with the content, though each language has its own special typography and country-specific characters that must be considered before publishing a document.

In case the graphic designer does not understand the typographical codes of a foreign language und thereby cannot grasp the meaning of a text, the integration of a translated text can be difficult for him. In some languages more words are needed than in others, hence the length of the target text can be longer or shorter than the original text. This is referred to as text expansion or text contraction. Text formatting also depends on different fonts such as Chinese, Japanese, Greek, or Cyrillic, or different reading directions, such as Arabic or Hebrew.

As a representative of your company you must ensure that your texts published abroad are perfect in all aspects – both the presentation and the content.

Our Team of Experts

Here at Multilingual Content Solutions we exclusively work with professional graphic designers and web developers to offer you a professional multilingual DTP-Service for your project.

Technical, scientific, or commercial documents sometimes require involving graphic designers, who use desktop publishing software. Our graphic designers use the major DTP software packages such as Freehand, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, Dreamweaver, PageMaker, and more. This means we can offer our customers the services of designers who are able to digitalize a photograph, a table, or a diagram, or recreate or redesign a drawing or a sketch.

Advantages of our DTP-Service

Our translation agency oversees every step of your project to ensure that your project can be managed in a more simple and flexible way. We offer you both the translation and the Desktop Publishing service for your project under the leadership of one single project manager. He oversees all stages of the translation process and carefully selects the most suitable graphic designer to perform the DTP-Service for you. The project manager traces all stages of the desktop publishing process, to ensure an on-time delivery of an accurate work.